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We make delicious, indulgent food

~ without any mystery ingredients ~ 


  • Natural & Wholesome

    From sea salt and organic spices, to local CT honey and real maple syrup, to hormone and antibiotic free organic chicken and natural angus beef, let's just say our food is a little different. It's real food that's healthful & delicious.
  • Made From Scratch

    At Hearty Kitchen, we don’t simply reheat ready-made products, like a lot of other places do. We buy each ingredient individually and take pride in making all of our seasoning mixes, stocks, sauces & foods - from scratch - every time.
  • No Processed Foods

    Why not?  Because, nearly six thousand chemicals & additives are used by food companies to process our food, and they can have a devastating effects on our health. So you won't find these fake 'foods' lurking in our kitchen. 
  • No Artificial Ingredients

    Cooking is not only a culinary art but also a source of nutrition, that's why we never use MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sodium Benzoate, & other toxins in our food. If we can't pronounce it, then we don't serve it.

About company

Hearty Kitchen is an exciting new neighborhood eatery that opened in West Hartford in February 2014. We specialize in making everything from scratch using real, fresh ingredients. More info...

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